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President’s Message

Welcome to the web site of the Les Femmes Michif Otipemswak operating as the Women of the Métis Nation (WMN).  This web site is designed to provide information on Métis women’s issues.  WMN aims to consult, promote and represent the personal, spiritual, social, cultural, political and economic interests and aspirations of women of the Métis Nation in Canada.  This web site will help us achieve those goals and provide timely and relevant information to Métis women on the issues that are important to them.

Historically, Métis women have been equal partners in the development of the Métis communities politically, socially and economically and have always held the esteemed role of keepers of traditional knowledge.  Métis women have played a vital role in the economic development and stability of their community and Canada as a whole.   Métis women have also played a key role in the survival of their families and communities through challenging times and in maintaining Métis culture, including the 1885 resistance and the legacy of residential schools.  We hope to share information on these accomplishments and shared stories on this site.

Until the creation of WMN, Métis women have had no direct representation or voice at the national and international level on issues that directly affect Métis Women and the Métis people.  WMN intends to truly represent the interests and aspirations of all Métis Women and their community. WMN is being organized to operate as an open and democratically accountable organization that will encourage and maximize the input of all Métis Women who want a voice in the development of its policies and strategies.  Over time this web site will be used to facilitate these conversations.  I trust you will find it useful and will provide us feed back on how to make it even better.