Kiyas Kiskisowin Oma Sash

Our beautiful, unique sash, called the Remembering Sash, or the Kiyas Kiskisowin Oma Sash, was created by our Grandmothers Wisdom Circle. When you wear this sash, you honour our Grandmothers and our ancestors.

When our Grandmothers Wisdom Circle came together to create this sash, they wanted to honour our Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit LGBTQQIA+ peoples, to honour of our families and survivors who have been impacted by grief and loss and to hold space for those who have gone before us.

Green – Rebirth, growth, the hope of new beginnings, and the colours of our medicines as they grow from Mother Earth

Yellow The warmth of our sun and its healing light, honouring the East, the direction of new beginnings

Red Sunsets, the close of the day which also brings the promise of a new day tomorrow, reminding us of hope. Red helps us to honour the blood of our Métis ancestors, our language, our traditions, and our culture. Red is the colour the spirits see

Blue The sky, our healing waters and an important colour in our culture and history, including our Métis flag

Purple – Honouring our Grandmothers and ancestors, healing and honouring our Elders and Wisdom Keepers

Black – The darkness of our struggles, our suffering, our pain and our grief. Black also represents the dark times in our Métis history and how we overcame our struggles

White Creator / God and the wisdom of our ancestors. We wear white to honour those whom we have lost and in memory of our loved ones

Healing and Reflection Cards

Sharing words of wisdom from our Grandmothers Wisdom Circle, this card set was created for Métis women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA+ people as an activity to help ground and create time for gentle reflection.

There are 52 cards in this deck, each representing a week in our year for you to pull a card and to consider the teaching for the week.

Comfort Kit

The contents of the Comfort Kit were determined by our Grandmothers Wisdom Circle with consideration of our ancestry, our lands and the gifts given to us by Mother Earth and intended to provide you comfort and ground you.

The kit also considers our diverse practices and beliefs, particularly when it comes to spiritual practice and nurturing our faith.

The Comfort Kit includes tobacco, sage, cedar, sweetgrass, an amethyst stone and an abalone shell.


To accompany the Wisdom Toolkit, the Grandmothers Wisdom Circle developed a document to guide, to ground and to heal.

The Toolkit explains the contents, shares prayers, discusses the Blanket Ceremony, includes hopes and reflections from the Grandmothers Wisdom Circle and lists activities you can take part in to reclaim and honour your past, your ancestors, your community and yourself.

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