The Board of Directors is variously composed of members of the four Métis women organizations across the Métis Motherland. They have traditionally included, from west to east, the Métis Women British Columbia, the New Dawn Métis Women’s Society (Alberta), Les Filles de Madeleine Secretariat Inc. (Saskatchewan) and the Métis Nation of Ontario Women’s Council.

Our Board of Directors is chaired by a national President, elected for a three-year term.

Provincial Métis Women’s Representative Groups

Provincial Métis women’s representative groups are essential in advocating for and engaging with Métis women and 2SLGBTQQIA+ folks especially at the grassroots level. With their collective wisdom, hard work and vision, LFMO more fully understands the unique and diverse realities of Métis women and can confidently represent their perspectives at a national level.

Thank you to:
Métis Women of British Columbia
New Dawn Métis Women’s Society
Les Filles de Madeleine
Métis Nation of Ontario Women’s Council

Board of Directors

The Métis Motherland is vast and vibrant, stretching from British Columbia to Ontario. LFMO’s Board of Directors is made up of representatives from each of these provinces – British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, to ensure our direction, vision and work are grounded in diverse Métis women’s experiences and realities.

LFMO is composed of a National President, elected for a three-year term, and a Board of Directors, comprising Provincial Regional Board Members from the Métis Nation’s Governing Members across the Motherland. The Board of Directors meets a minimum of four times a year and holds regular Annual General Meetings.

LFMO offers committed leadership and support on behalf of Métis Nation women from a strengths-based perspective, and advocates for equitable access and equality of outcomes for all Métis through a Métis gendered lens.

We continue to implement our mandate, vision, and mission through national advocacy for distinctions-based, culturally relevant, gender-sensitive policies, programs and services to improve the lives and wellbeing of Métis women, children, families and communities, and to uphold the dignity and resilience of Métis women and 2SLGBTQQIA+ Métis across the Motherland.

Melanie Omeniho


Vice President – Vacant

Sadly, LFMO lost our Vice President, Tammy Mah, in November 2022 to cancer. We are currently waiting for the position of President of Les Filles des Madeleine to be filled.

Marilyn Lizee


Suzanne Jackson


Dr. Kate Elliott

Board Member

Métis Women Affiliates

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