We are looking for young, adult Métis women from across the Motherland, 18 to 30 years old, who are interested in becoming our trained Métis leaders of tomorrow

The Reach for the Sky program is a 30-hour/week for 18-weeks leadership training that provides on-the-land cultural teachings, on-line academic instruction and job-shadow mentorship positions.

Program participants will receive a living allowance along with essential childcare, computer access and individual accessibility supports.

In Partnership with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) through their Youth Employment Skills Strategy (YESS), LFMO has developed a distinctions-based, gender sensitive, youth-centric leadership skills, job readiness, and employment training curriculum for Métis youth and young adults. This first-of-its-kind educational program  will serve as a model of Metis self-determination and  integrated Metis culture and education, using a gender-sensitive approach to Métis youth employment and leadership. We at LFMO see a future where there is better employment security and more educational opportunities for Métis youth.

Through these learning opportunities, Reach for the Sky participants will gain knowledge about Métis leadership roles from a contemporary and historical context, and they will gain access to different role models from our Métis communities, while developing skills to become leaders and mentors. Working together with Métis subject matter experts, and Métis curriculum developers and educators, this project envisions the Métis youth of the 21st century in more post-secondary education programs, in secure and upwardly mobile employment positions, and in leadership roles within their communities, Canada and beyond.

Opportunities for Growth

“Rooted In Culture & Kinship, Our Metis Youth Grow In The Safe Places We Create”

  • A deeper understanding of the role as a community leader.
  • There is a primary expansion of practical leadership skills.
  • Learning how to building & maintain relationships in a professional environment.
  • Networking, develop connections that may help with a future career
  • Building up their resume
  • In-depth understanding of the organizational working mechanisms and culture.
  • Possibility of getting a higher paying position
  • Recognizing where they would like to go in their career path
  • Learning from colleagues experiences

Transformational learning, rooted in cultural connections, creating a sense of belonging, and womanhood!!

Working in Collaboration

Saskatchewan Polytechnic – Indigenous Leadership

  • Leadership Principles
  • Coaching & Team Building
  • Indigenous Leadership & Resilience
  • Indigenous Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Management Principles
  • Business Management
  • Managerial Skills
  • Supervisory Skills

University of Alberta – Métis Women’s Leadership

  • Métis Women’s History and Kinship
  • Métis Scrip
  • Métis Women’s Environmental Knowledge
  • Métis-Canada Relations
  • Métis Women at the Forefront of Grassroots Activism
  • Métis Legal Issues
  • Métis Governance
  • Métis Women’s Health and Wellness

Program includes weekly educational support & engagement with Reach Leadership Mentors and guest speakers over the span of the 12 weeks. Program also includes support & engagement with our participants as they complete a 4-week Mentorship Work Placement Employment to collectively comprise the 18-week program.

Work Placement Opportunities

Work Placement Benefits for Métis Youth

  • Students have the opportunity to learn employment and leadership skills in real working conditions
  • What students learned in the online classroom can develop a deeper quality of learning, as they get to apply what they have learned in the workforce.
  • Helps young people develop a mature realistic concept of self
  • Learn from people working in the field, who have experience

Work Placement Benefits for Employers

  • Fostering new talent for your company
  • Contribute to the development of the future workforce
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Work towards reconciliation by collaborating with Reach for the Sky to educate, and help uplift and empower Metis Women

Are you interested in becoming a work placement employer as part of the Reach for the Top program? Email reach@metiswomen.org for more info.

Apply now!

All interested candidates are asked to apply to the program via the application below. For questions or more information about the program, please email reach@metiswomen.org.

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