Our Vision

Since our founding in 1999 and our incorporation in 2010, our vision is to be the National Indigenous Women’s Organization (NIWO) for the Women of the Métis Nation, advocating nationally and internationally for the equal treatment, health and wellbeing of all Métis people, with a focus on the rights, needs and priorities of Métis women, youth, children, and 2SLGBTQQIA+ Métis.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that Métis women from across the Motherland are safe, respected, connected, and empowered, and have the capacity to work with Canadian and Métis governments and organizations, to help create the conditions for healthy, vibrant and productive communities throughout the Métis Nation.

What We Do and How We Do It

Operating in a democratic, transparent and fiscally accountable manner, LFMO plays a significant role in enhancing the social, cultural, economic, environmental, and leadership space occupied by Métis women. We influence public policy and decision making related to the rights, priorities, concerns and aspirations of Métis women with Indigenous and Canadian governments. LFMO is inclusive of and stands in solidarity with 2SLGBTQQIA+ Métis.

Our Values

Our work is based on the core values of:

  • Cultural safety, honour and respect;
  • Accountability, responsibility and stewardship;
  • Reciprocity, collaboration and cooperation; and
  • Commemoration, reconciliation, reparation, and restoration.

Our work aims to be respectful of all our people, while promoting inclusivity, gentleness and openness, and creating safe spaces for 2SLGBTQQIA+ Métis.

As Métis women, we hold dear and sacred the teachings and wisdom of our Grandmothers and Knowledge Keepers. We honour the responsibility of the sacred bundles that we carry. We share these bundles when we gather together to impart the knowledge that is bestowed to us as stewards and caretakers.

The first bundle we carry is that of the Grandmothers’ Wisdom Circle. We sit in council and consensus, and look to the gifts of the generations before us. We trust that the knowledge and teachings that come to us will guide our steps as we move forward with our mandate, vision and mission.

Our Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of our Métis Grandmothers, as expressed in Cree/Michif, are as follows:

  • Tapwewin – Truth, justice, equity, and advocacy
  • Manâtisiwin – Respect
  • Mah-mêskotonamâtowak – Reciprocity
  • Miyotêhêwin – Kindness
  • Mamisîwin – Trust
  • Metoni miyo isâyâwin – Integrity
  • Tapahtêyimisowin – Humility
  • Manatisiwâyâwin – Gentleness
  • Mistahimekowin – Generosity

Our Strategic Objectives

We are guided by 10 strategic goals:

  1. Advocate for the priorities and needs of Métis women in the Métis Nation, Canada, and the world;
  2. Be caretakers and stewards of the land and waters;
  3. Be caretakers of the traditional knowledge of Métis women;
  4. Advocate for social justice and equality;
  5. Increase opportunities for Métis women to develop leadership skills;
  6. Help Métis people lead healthier lives and support healthy and vibrant communities;
  7. Ensure that the perspectives and priorities of Métis women are included in economic development initiatives, and that opportunities and supports are provided for Métis women’s entrepreneurship;
  8. Foster culturally appropriate early learning environments and lifelong learning to improve educational outcomes for Métis children, women and all Métis learners;
  9. Develop a Métis-specific research strategy and build a disaggregated data evidence base; and
  10. Build a strong, successful, inclusive, responsible and transparent organization.

Under the democratically elected leadership of LFMO’s National President, elected for a three-year term, we hold regular meetings of the Board of Directors, and serve as the National Indigenous Women’s Organization (NIWO) representative on behalf of and between the Women of the Métis Nation and the Government of Canada.

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